Tamia Stands On Her Own For New Album, Video

After making a name for herself via a string of highly successful collaborations with Quincy Jones, Brandy and Chaka Khan, twenty-one-year-old vocalist Tamia is now emerging in her own right, courtesy of her new self-titled debut album which arrived in stores last week.

Tamia's recording debut came back in 1995 when she sang on "You Put a Move on My Heart" for Quincy Jones' "Q's Jook Joint" after meeting the producer at a party for Luther Vandross. Tamia then recorded "Slow Jams" with Babyface, then joined Brandy, Gladys Knight and Chaka Khan on "Missing You" from the "Set It Off" soundtrack.

Now Tamia wants to stand on her own, and the highly stylized video for "Imagination," the first single from the new record, is helping the singer accomplish that goal.

For the video, director Paul Hunter referenced Jean Cocteau's classic film version of "Beauty and the Beast," and Tamia told the MTV Radio Network that the contrast in styles between the video and

the song actually helps the clip stand out from the more typical hip-hop fair.

"I think the video really caught a lot of people's attention," Tamia said, describing the video for "Imagination," "Because it wasn't the same fish lens with a shiny gloss and glitter falling from the sky and I think people were like, 'OK, it sounds like a hip-hop song to me, but she has a Nine Inch Nails video, so what's up with that?'" [850k QuickTime]

"And I think it's catchy," Tamia added, before noting that the song had been approved by her toughest critic -- Tamia's little brother. "My seven-year-old brother heard it once or twice and he was like, 'What makes us do,' so when kids learn it, you know you have something there."