Robbie Williams: He Wants Your Money

English pop sensation Robbie Williams is currently on tour Stateside in support of his solo release, "The Ego Has Landed," which appeared in stores on Tuesday. The album, a U.S. compilation of two U.K. albums by the former Take That singer, features his hit "Millennium."

Known in England for his bad-boy image as much as for his boy-band background, Williams recently confessed that he hasn't a clue exactly what he wants out of America, though it might have something to do with the Benjamins.

"Unless you're the Dalai Lama and you've got your sh** together, you're gonna be rich and you want to have anything money can buy, you know?" Williams told MTV News.

"I'm not saying I'm just in it for the 'Benjis,' but America is a different kettle of fish altogether," he added. "You come here, you turn the money tap on, and it doesn't stop. And that might sound really shallow, and perhaps it is. I probably have to go away and redefine my life and have a look at what I'm really doing this

for, because I don't know anymore."

Robbie Williams will be performing at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards on June 10, and you can check him out on "MTV News 1515" all this weekend.