Robbie Williams To Ask Cola Drinkers For More

Robbie Williams has joined the company of such musical cola-hawkers as Ricky Martin, Michael Jackson, and the Spice Girls by signing a £2 million ($3.2 million) promotional deal with Pepsi Cola.

As part of the deal, Williams has been afforded creative control over any advertisements in which he might appear, and he has already come up with the theme for the cola campaign, which will be "Ask For More," according to MTV Europe.

Williams' commercial pitches for Pepsi aren't expected to roll out until sometime next year.

The singer is currently in the last week of his North American tour, and word of the multimillion dollar deal comes less than two weeks after British "Cosmopolitan" readers selected Williams as the "Sexiest Man In The World" (see "Robbie Williams Named 'Sexiest Man' By British 'Cosmo'").

Pepsi Co. has successfully employed pop singers to promote its product throughout the '80s and '90s, including

a recent Latin market pact with Ricky Martin (see "Ricky Martin Inks Endorsement Deal With Pepsi, Preps For Fall Tour").