Robbie Williams Gets Poetic As New Album Shapes Up

If Jewel and T-Boz can do it, why can't Robbie?

As he toils away on a new album, Brit pop star Robbie Williams is reportedly following the lead of those artists-turned-poets. According to England's "Q Magazine," the man behind "The Ego Has Landed" has put together a book of poetry called "F for English."

Stateside representatives for Williams could not confirm the report, but "Q" contends that the collection boasts a sonnet called "Naked At An Awards Ceremony" in which Williams envisions being just that with Whitney Houston.

While that report remains unconfirmed, Williams can be seen spouting poetry in a new DVD that hit stores last week. On "Robbie Williams: Angels," fans can see Williams' poetic side and can also check out videos, a game, and performance and interview footage.

Meanwhile, Williams is currently in the studio with writing partner Guy Chambers working on material for a new album that is expected to arrive in September. Williams' spokespeople

also note that the singer recently did some studio time with producer Glen Ballard to record a song for the upcoming 20th Century Fox animated film "Titan A.E."