Robbie Williams Makes UNICEF Visit To Mozambique

Singer Robbie Williams took a break from working on his new album this past week to make a fact-finding visit to flood-ravaged Mozambique as a goodwill ambassador for United Nations Children's Fund.

According to a report issued by UNICEF, more than 190,000 children under the age of five are currently in need of humanitarian assistance in Mozambique as a result of the severe flooding that gripped the county three months ago and has displaced almost 1 million people.

Williams was using his visit to help focus international attention on the plight of Mozambique, as the organization is seeking to raise more than $2 million in aid for the country and several other African nations, including Botswana, Madagascar, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe.

During the trips, Williams had to be shepherded from site to site via helicopter due to the lack of infrastructure, and the singer also visited with children at an HIV center, as more than 350,000 have been left orphaned

by AIDS.

Williams plans to release his third, as-yet-untitled solo album later this year. Last May, tracks from the former Take That singer's first two solo efforts, 1997's "Life Thru A Lens" and 1998's "I've Been Expecting You," were compiled on the U.S. album, "The Ego Has Landed."