Robbie Williams Steps Into Ring For "Knockout Kings"

British pop star Robbie Williams is taking his passion for pugilism to a video game ring. Williams, who had challenged Oasis' Liam Gallagher to a charity boxing match during the Brit Awards this spring (see "Promoters Support Robbie Vs. Liam Match"), will be able to display his virtual ring skills as a character in the upcoming "Knockout Kings 2001" game from Electronic Arts.

As part of "Knockout Kings 2001," Williams' video game doppelganger will duke it out with the likes of such boxing legends as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Oscar De La Hoya, among others. A publicist for Williams, who will release his new album, "Sing When You're Winning," in the U.S. on October 3, confirmed the performer's involvement in the game as part of an ongoing deal with EA Sports.

The former Take That singer was also "scanned in" for EA Sports' "FIFA 2000 Major League Soccer" game (see "Robbie

Williams Gets Interactive For 'FIFA 2000'"), to which he even contributed an exclusive song, "It's Only Us."

Williams is likely to be a "hidden" character in "Knockout Kings 2001," meaning that fans will have to "unlock" the singer's boxing incarnation by inputting a secret code at the start of the game, which is due in stores in February.

In a well-timed, but unrelated incident, Williams was apparently involved in a barroom brawl on Sunday morning while on holiday at the resort town of St. Tropez in France, according to the British tabloid "The Sun."

The paper reports that Williams, who had been staying in St. Tropez for the last few weeks with ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, and 10 of his friends got into a fight with patrons at the Le Gorille club. Police quickly arrived on the scene to quell the disturbance but did not make any arrests.

Williams has already completed a rather shocking video for "Rock DJ" (see "Robbie

Williams Rocks 'DJ,' Starts Lyric Contest"), the first single from "Sing When You're Winning," which is expected to hit the air in the States in the next few weeks.