Robbie Williams Gets Bloody For "Rock DJ" Striptease

Even though his new album, "Sing When You're Winning," won't be released until October 3, capricious Brit singer Robbie Williams is already causing a stir with his shocking new video for "Rock DJ."

In the clip, Williams prances before a group of roller-skating models who are circling him yet paying him no mind. In an attempt to gain their attention, as well as that of the DJ spinning records high above the clublike rink, Williams removes all of his clothes.

When that fails to excite the dispassionate onlookers, Williams then proceeds to rend the flesh and sinews from his body and throw the bits into the crowd, which happily devours the bloody entrails.

Aside from certain computer-generated scenes featuring Williams' skeleton, the former Take That vocalist spends much of the "Rock DJ" video in the nude, and MTV News recently asked Williams whether he had to tone up prior to shooting the clip.

"The 'Rock DJ' video basically is me doing the ultimate

striptease," Williams told MTV News. "I did [have to get in shape], actually. They came with this idea two months before the video [shoot] and said, 'Look, you're going to be naked.'

"So I went, 'Right, I'm going to the gym.' I went to the gym every day, and the video [shoot] happened to coincide with me not going back to the gym again, which is strange, really, because I haven't been to the gym since.

"I buffed right up," he added, "and now I'm buffing right down at this minute as we speak. I'm just stocking up on pies." [RealVideo]

The full video is currently being screened on both MTV and MTV2, but certain European countries have refused to play the "Rock DJ" video in its entirety, fading out right as the clip starts to take its gruesome turn.



gotten the 'controversial' stamp of approval, which I was looking for," Williams admitted. "It's a clever 'marketing plan,' and yes, it is all of those things. It's worked jolly nice, thank you.

"People can't play it in many places in Europe, apart from where they kill bulls in rings," he joked. "Like Spain, for example. They can play the whole video." [RealVideo]