Keith Sweat Discusses Chart Success

Jan. 28 [14:00 EST] -- New-Jack crooner Keith Sweat is in the pop top ten with his current single "Nobody." Only a few weeks ago, "Billboard" magazine declared that his previous single "Twisted" was the number three pop single of 1996.

Maybe all those sales are why Sweat, who's now on tour with New Edition and BLACKstreet, says he likes to keep things on the safe side, musically, when he takes it to the stage.

"I pretty much like to keep my songs similar to what they hear on the record, because that's what they want to see, nine times out of ten," Sweat told MTV News.

"When you change it up, a lot of people might say, 'Hey, I love that record 'Twisted',' but they just want to see you do it live, see if you can really do it, like what's on the album or whatever, so I pretty much like to keep it the same way that's on the album, because that's what people are coming to see."

Keith Sweat's "Nobody" is at number five on this week's "Hot 100" singles chart.

Elsewhere on the chart, the late Tupac Shakur re-enters the top ten album chart with his "Makaveli" record, "The Don Kiluminati."

We'll have an in-depth report Tuesday night on "Gridlock'd," the new Tupac movie that opens on Wednesday.

In the meantime, here's rundown of "Billboard's" top 10 pop albums:

*For week of February 1, 1997