Sunny Day Real Estate Gets Uplifted For "One"

Sunny Day Real Estate is set to return with its new record, "The Rising Tide," the Seattle band's third album in three years -- an incredible wealth of output considering the group had only released a pair of albums prior to its temporary breakup between 1995 and 1997.

"One," the first single from "The Rising Tide," is getting massive airplay at college radio across the country, and the track has already cracked the Top 10 of the "CMJ" Radio 200 charts after only three weeks in rotation.

Sunny Day Real Estate guitarist Dan Hoerner talked with MTV News about "One," a track he thinks offers a more hopeful counterpoint to some of the darker material on "The Rising Tide."

"'One' is a big one," Hoerner said. "'One' is very hopeful. 'One' is sort of the anodyne to [another new track] 'Killed

By An Angel.' If

'Killed By An Angel' is all about the despair and grief, then 'One' is all about the desire to overcome. It's very hopeful and a kind of unifying song.

"It has a chorus to it that is really big, and it's not gonna be easily condensed by me into a few words, but it's totally meaningful about unity. If you're going to have any kind of positive impact on the world, you've got to try and take control of your life. You have to try and make a positive existence, and you have to do it with yourself first. [RealAudio]

"That's totally what 'One' is about," Hoerner continued. "It doesn't matter what sort of divisive mindset you have. [If] you're sitting back in some mansion somewhere and your company is dumping its sh** into the river, then it's never gonna hit you that that's not the way it is.

"Everything that we

do affects the entirety of the globe, and everything that we do affects the entirety of the human consciousness. If you're putting in sh** and negativity, and you're getting back your precious dollars, then the sh** and negativity is getting into you, and you just don't know how.

"But when your kid goes apesh** and blows everyone away in his third grade class," he said, "then you're going to be wringing your hands and wondering what went wrong. 'One' is all about trying to understand that very sentiment: that you are a part of the whole, and that it's all about a positive feeling and trying to take control of yourself and your life and live it in a good way and a way that is ultimately more rewarding." [RealAudio]

Sunny Day Real Estate's "The Rising Tide" will be released on June 20, the same day the emo-core band will kick off its extensive summer tour with a hometown gig

in Seattle

(see "Sunny Day Real Estate 'Rising' With New LP, Tour").

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