Sugar Ray Monitors Fame Clock With New Album

As Sugar Ray readies the follow-up to its 1997 multi-platinum smash, "Floored," the band is already thinking about overcoming the "one-hit wonder" tag, and are determined not to relinquish its 15 minutes of fame.

Such an idea is made crystal clear by the title of the new album, "14:59" -- which stands for 14 minutes and 59 seconds -- and during an interview with the MTV Radio Network, Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath talked about the pressures and potential pitfalls in attempting to reprise the success of "Floored."

"We're in this sort of fragile position," McGrath said, "we're sort of on the 'one-hit wonder' cruise ship and Kajagoogoo is begging to play shuffleboard with us. And we're going, 'Please no, let's get off this.' Hopefully this next record will do it for us. It's been an incredible ride. We're doing some good things and (producer) David Kahne's an evil genius in the studio. He

doesn't even go the bathroom. He's so amazing. So, its fun." [28.8 RealAudio]

Sugar Ray's new single is entitled "Every Morning," while "14:59" is due in stores on January 19.