STP Recording Third Effort

Feb. 9, 1996 -- Having topped the charts and toured the world, San Diego's Stone Temple Pilots hit a major bump in the road nine months ago, when singer Scott Weiland was arrested for possession of heroin and cocaine in the parking lot of a Pasadena motel. A stay in rehab ensued, and now Weiland and the rest of the band are back in the studio working on their third album -- still a little weirded out from their misadventures, but pressing on regardless.

MTV: It's been more than a year since Stone Temple Pilots last worked together as a complete band. And while the first two albums, "Core" and "Purple," were each recorded in a matter of weeks, this third effort is taking a bit longer.

SCOTT WEILAND, Stone Temple Pilots: It took a while to get a vibe of, like, where... Of what we had grown into, what we had metamorphosized into. Did we turn into a butterfly? Or did we turn into, like, a maggot into a fly? I mean, you know, it could have been either way.

MTV: The band's

very existence could have gone either way. Singer Scott Weiland's well-publicized drug problem nearly tore the band apart.

WEILAND: It was so, so intense for a while that I think, you know, all of us, myself especially, were just in a head spin, you know? A tail spin. Both.

ROBERT DeLEO: That seems to be what the press really focuses in on, is the personal lives or events of people. Really, we just... We make music together. And that's a special thing.

MTV: STP has been recording the basic tracks for the new album since last fall. They're currently in the studio laying down vocals and finishing touches.

WEILAND: Now we're in Atlanta finishing the record. Basically we're here to do... For me to do my stuff. I have half of the songs still to sing, and I'm trying to discipline myself, finishing a song a day.

DeLEO: It's just really beautiful when we write a song and we give the song to Scott, he just... What he puts on it is so satisfying, it just brings

it to another level, you know?

WEILAND: I have to remind myself to remain humble in the face of music all the time, or else, it'll... I don't know, maybe that gift could be taken away. That album the band is working on should be out around the end of march, titled "Tiny Music," and, of course, a summer tour is expected.