STP Back From Brink

Oct. 4, 1996 -- With singer Scott Weiland fresh out of drug-rehab, Stone Temple Pilots held a press conference in Los Angeles on Monday, to announce -- at last -- a winter tour, playing 30 dates over 6 weeks starting November 4th at L.A.'s Universal Amphitheatre.

SCOTT WEILAND, Stone Temple Pilots, vocals: We haven't toured in a couple years in the states and you know we have made some great music, we've had some hard times, but we're really looking forward to playing together, we're really excited right now. I know how I feel like, I think everyone feels the same way. I really feel like a young kid.... I don't mean to sound cheezy or anything, but it's an important thing to me, to have these guys in my life and you know its a relationship its not just about a band and a business. I've known these guys for 9 years.

CHRIS CONNELLY: What does it mean, for you guys to see Scott looking so healthy, to be clean after all this time?

DEAN DELEO, guitar: It hasn't been that


MTV: Just 5 months in fact, since three-quarters of STP used this very room to announce the cancellation of an upcoming tour for one reason.

D. DELEO: We've been unable to fulfill our commitment due to our singer's drug use.

MTV: The band went on hiatus and Weiland went into rehab.

WEILAND: I probably at that time wouldn't have chosen to be in that situation, there at that place. I'm really grateful that other people had better judgment than I had at that time.

MTV: How has it been for the four of you getting to know each other again, as a band, after all you have been through, after the bruised feelings and the misunderstandings of the last few months?

ROBERT DELEO, bass: We just decided to tour, maybe, what, 2 weeks ago, so I think the music will actually help or aid, and bring us together. I mean, the music that we created is an intimate thing between the four of us.

WEILAND: It's gonna take some time to... I mean it's like

any relationship. It's gonna take time to work back up to that point again. where we have that kind of trust in each other. If I was in these guys' position, I'd be like, "Is this guy gonna show up for the gig?"

MTV: Rumors did abound that Weiland had been booted from the band.

WEILAND: Everyone always asked, "What's the story with the band? I heard they got a new lead singer."

MTV: Instead, STP waited for Weiland to clean up, so they could get to the task of touring behind their third album, "Tiny Music: Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop."

CONNELLY: You have new material, you're hoping to try out on the road stuff you haven't gotten to play together.

R. DELEO: The last record. (Laughter all around).