Stone Temple Pilots Speak About Drug Ordeal

Jan. 15 [18:00 EST] -- In the coming issue of "Rolling Stone," available on Tuesday at newsstands, Stone Temple Pilots' guitarist Dean De Leo speaks openly of singer Scott Weiland and the drug relapse that caused the band to cancel its concert dates from New Year's Eve on.

De Leo says, "You've been granted all the things in life you want to do, and when one person pulls the rug out from under you, it's the worst... but the worst thing is that he could have been dead. And he wasn't."

Weiland himself, who was interviewed before he checked into an unidentified rehab on December 30, says, "I don't regret drugs at all... the hell I went through made it possible for me to enjoy life the way I enjoy it now."

He also confesses that, in May 1995, just after being bailed out on drug charges, his wife refused to drive him to his drug dealer, so he jumped out of a moving car in order to get there.

Weiland is expected to stay in rehab at least through the end of the


The band hopes to make up its canceled dates, but there's been no official word on when or how that might happen.