Scott Weiland Discusses Upcoming Solo Album

Also wandering the KROQ Weenie Roast last weekend was singer Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, whose status with that band seems increasingly ambiguous. He's currently embarked on recording a solo album, about which he had this to tell us.

SCOTT WEILAND, Stone Temple Pilots: I'm doing it pretty much all myself. I've got a new A&R person at Atlantic Records, and it looks like people are pretty excited about it.

JOHN NORRIS: Good feeling? The stuff you're coming up with you're happy with?

WEILAND: Yeah, there's a lot of experimental things. It's kind of like a hunky dory meets scary monsters meets anything Brian Eno's ever done meets the White album.

Meanwhile, the other members of Stone Temple Pilots -- Dean and Robert DeLeo and Eric Kretz -- have started another band called Talk Show, with another singer, Dave Coutts, with whom they started working last year, after Weiland's drug problems disrupted Stone Temple Pilots' touring schedule. The new

group is a going concern -- a Talk Show album will be released in September, and the band will mount a club tour in October. In an interview with "Billboard" magazine, Robert DeLeo wouldn't say Stone Temple Pilots were breaking up, but he did note that, "I don't think we can sit around and just see what's going to happen with the fate of one person anymore. STP has become the farthest thing from being about making music."