Talk Show Silences Singer, Scott Weiland Readies Solo Album

A source close to Talk Show confirms that the band has terminated the services of singer David Coutts and that they are currently looking for a new vocalist.

Talk Show are better known as the Stone Temple Pilots minus Scott Weiland. Bassist Robert DeLeo, guitarist Dean DeLeo and drummer Eric Kretz began working with former Ten Inch Men singer Coutts soon after their first meeting three years ago, during one of STP's many stagnant periods as Weiland dealt with his well documented substance abuse problems.

After STP recorded "Tiny Music: Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop" and only managed a short tour with Weiland to support the record, the rest of the band went into the studio with Coutts, emerging as Talk Show. They released their self-titled debut in September, but apparently Coutts, described by Robert DeLeo as a blend of John Lennon and Freddy Mercury, was not the voice the fans wanted to hear. Their record debuted at a lowly No. 131 on the charts, selling a mere 8000 copies

the first week.

Weiland, meanwhile, has so far has outshined Talk Show in the PR department if nothing else, as the world awaits his solo record, "12 Bar Blues," which Weiland says is reminiscent of David Bowie and The Beatles. The album is due out March 17 on Atlantic.

Weiland has told press sources that STP isn't over, he expects to record with them again in 1999.