Fans, Bandmates React To Scott Weiland Arrest

By the time Scott Weiland's performance at New York's Irving Plaza should have been kicking into high gear last night, roadies had already packed up the equipment and members of Weiland's band milled outside with audience-goers, some of whom were just learning the news of Weiland's arrest for trespassing and drug possession.

Outside the Irving Plaza, LeNoble stood with a home video camera, taping the large crowd gathered in front of the venue, and provided his own voice-over, "This is the show that never happened." Fans reacted to news of the singer's arrest with both irritation and sympathy.

"I'm very upset," said Tom, "but it's happened before with him and his band, STP."

"I'm upset that I missed the concert," added Jessica, "but I'm upset that he's going to kill himself if he doesn't stop it."

"A lot of people here are pissed off because they feel like Scott Weiland owes them a performance, " Kate said, "but he doesn't owe us sh*t, he owes us

to get better."