Weiland Freed, Probation Reinstated During Court Date

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland is expected to be released on Wednesday after a California Judge reinstated the singer's probation, which had been revoked last week when he was taken into custody.

As we previously reported (see "STP's Weiland Arrested For Probation Violation"), the singer was taken into custody on Friday when the singer and his attorney arrived at the courthouse to modify his suspended driving privileges.

At the time, Weiland was accused of violating his probation, which stemmed from a felony heroin charge in September of 1997. His probation was then revoked and the singer was held without bail in the discipline section of Los Angeles County Jail.

However, after testimony from Weiland's probation officer and the director of Impact House on Wednesday, a judge reinstated the singer's probation. The Impact House director noted that Weiland had exhibited some attitude problems, but that the

singer has consistently tested clean.

Weiland was expected to be released on Wednesday afternoon and to return to Impact House. The singer is scheduled to return to court on March 26 for a progress report.