STP's Scott Weiland Ordered Back To Jail

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland has been sent back to a Los Angeles jail for violating his probation.

On Friday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered that the singer be taken into custody for continuing to use drugs after having his probation reinstated earlier this year, according to the Associated Press.

The singer, who had performed a rare gig with his STP bandmates just the night before at the House of Blues in Las Vegas (see "Stone Temple Pilots Play Blind Date"), was taken from the courtroom to the hospital at Los Angeles County's Men's Central Jail. Weiland is next expected to appear before the court on September 5.

Weiland was also jailed in L.A. in January for a similar violation (see "STP's Weiland Arrested For Probation Violation"), and the article reports that the singer was treated for a heroin overdose in July of this year.

It wasn't immediately known if Weiland's arrest would affect the release of the new Stone Temple Pilots album, titled "No. 4," tentatively due out in early November.