Stone Temple Pilots' Weiland Sends Message From Behind Bars

Call it Scott Weiland's "State Of The Prison" address. Sixty days into his yearlong jail sentence, the Stone Temple Pilots singer has sent a message to his fans.

The message was given by Weiland to his girlfriend, who then passed it on to STP's manager, Steve Stewart. Stewart told MTV News that he spoke to Weiland yesterday, and that the singer sounded positive, upbeat, and in good spirits.

The full statement, with spelling and punctuation left intact, reads:

"I'm alive. Are you? Sixty days into my sentence, just a message to let you know that I still breathe, think, and have not lost the freedom to write. What can I say about jail? It is one of the travesties of mankind to lose ones freedom, to be locked and bound behind bars of steel, but if the wheels of a mans mind are free to turn and the wings of his spirit cannot be clipped, than is a man truly in chains? And is any man truly free? Are you free? Free to shop at the 7-11 I suppose, or free to fill your

car with gasoline, ever a slave to the Oil Company's that dangle inflation and deflation in front of your nose like a carrot. What control do we really have? What choices can we truly make to shape our own destiny. Choices and decisions of the mind and spirit, I am coming to find is where my power lies. My power lies in having no power at all. A bewildering paradox but one I'm learning to be true. True passion. Do you live to breathe or breathe to live? Are you just a feather blowing on the wind? This is not a life sentence."

Weiland is currently doing time in Los Angeles County Jail's Biscailuv Recovery Center for violating his probation (see "Stone Temple Pilots' Weiland Ordered To A Year of Rehab").

As fans ponder the meaning of Weiland's statement, they can take comfort in knowing that STP's latest album, "No. 4," recorded before the singer was sentenced, will be in stores on October 26 (see "Stone

Temple Pilots To Do 'Hedwig,' Promote 'No. 4' Without Weiland").

Meanwhile, the other three members of the band will be playing an L.A. nightclub Tuesday night at a party to celebrate the West Coast opening of "Hedwig And The Angry Inch." Stewart told MTV News that some STP songs have been played in rehearsals, but it is undecided if the songs will be performed at the party.