Howard Stern Stages Premiere Party

JOHN: Back in New York City, pandemonium ruled midtown Thursday night as shock-rock DJ Howard Stern cemented his "King Of All Media" title, by staging a huge premiere party outside Madison Square Garden for "Private Parts," the terrific new film of his best-selling autobiography.

Porno For Pyros and Rob Zombie, who are on the movie soundtrack, were there, and so were a bunch of celebrities, and those exceptional characters that Howard seems to attract like a magnet.

KENNEDY, grabbing STUTTERING JOHN's face: Oh what a cute face! It's Stuttering John!

JACKIE on stage with GARY: Oh, we are in the movies! Look at this! Fantastic!

JOHN NORRIS: Your second night in a row here at MSG, how do you compare these two? Howard Stern to the Grammys?

WYCLEF: Well, it's like night and day.

FIONA APPLE: The Grammys were like nothing. We came to the Grammys and there were like 3 people standing outside screaming. Here it's like the

whole entire world.

CHRIS CONNELLY: We're here for Howard Stern's Private Parts Private Party, a celebration of uninhibited fun, loud music and the kind of wackiness that could only celebrate Howard's debut as a movie star.

KURT LODER: Here we are in the Pope mobile with Howard Stern. Howard, how does it feel? Mania reigns. What's going on?

HOWARD STERN: You know, I used to have a hamster, Kurt, and that's what I feel like right now. A hamster trapped in a cage (he bangs on the glass). This might be the dumbest thing I ever did.

CONNELLY, on stage: Ladies and gentlemen, Howard Stern!

STERN, on stage: This is the new face of Hollywood believe it or not!

PERRY FARRELL, Porno For Pyros: I forgot that it was about Howard, because everybody was just screaming, and I kind of feel it's bigger than Howard even. Finally, there's something bigger than Howard -- It's us...

ELEPHANT BOY, mumbles: This is fantastic...

LODER: Precisely.

Tom how did you become involved in this are you a long time fan?

TOM ARNOLD: Well, I'm dating Elephant Boy right now.

KENNEDY: Well, this is the world's largest female bodybuilder...

TONY BENNETT, to a female body builder: I know you're a lady, but I want to thank you for being my bodyguard.


STERN: Hey let me say something. Van Halen is nothing without David Lee Roth! (Crowd goes wild). Am I right Tony?


ROB ZOMBIE with Stern: Next year you'll see him at the Academy Awards!

GILBERT GOTTFRIED: He will win the Academy Award this year! I don't know if I mean that, but I just got to keep kissing up to Howard.

ARNOLD: The wildest premiere I have ever seen.

ZOMBIE: The audience was going crazy. I couldn't even hear it most of the time because they were shouting so much.

ARNOLD: They were talking to the screen like the "Rocky Horror Picture Show." So, I'm

gonna see it again.

MARILYN MANSON: At the very end when they played our song, that was my other favorite part, because I'm self-aggrandizing.

LL COOL J: The relationship between Howard and his wife was also great, because it showed that although he does all the crazy things in his life, and all the wild things that he does on the air, he still cares about his family and he's still a human being.

ALISON STERN: Everybody that sees it says, "It's a love letter to your wife," and tonight I guess I really feel that way, it was really amazing for me.

JOHN: "Private Parts" opens nationwide on Friday March 7th; this weekend, MTV re-runs a series of "Private Parts" movie specials, including our own 90-minute premiere party special, from noon to 6 PM on Saturday.