Stern Is "King of All Media"

KURT: Finally, talk-radio titan Howard Stern really is the king of all media, it turned out this week. The man with the highest-rated syndicated radio show in the country has already topped the book sales charts with his autobiography, "Private Parts," and now, not only has the movie based on that book gone to number one at the box office, but its soundtrack album, featuring Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson has also topped the "Billboard" pop chart. So, all hail the king, and here are the stats.

MTV: Howard, what's it like overcoming all odds and being triumphant?

HOWARD STERN: Well I tell you, I don't know have I been triumphant yet????

FAN: Howard!!!!!!!

STERN, 1988: I'm the king, I'm the greatest. Everybody loves my radio show.

MTV: The celebrated and despised ego known as Howard Stern is truly living up to his self-bestowed title as King Of All Media. In it's opening weekend, "Private Parts" thrust it's way to number one and scored

an easy fifteen million.

STERN: I am expecting the Academy Award. I know you are going to laugh. I'm expecting at least the MTV award. If Alicia Silverstone can get it, I can get it, you know what I mean.

MTV: "Private Parts" scored an impressive first in Hollywood history, when both the soundtrack and the film debuted at number one.

STERN, 1993: I always have to prove myself for some reason.

MTV: But Stern fans know that his triumph is truly a humbling experience.

STERN: It's great, it's vindication once you are successful so it's my way of saying f-you to a lot of people. Especially all the people in Hollywood who said I wouldn't make it.

STERN, at premiere, with crowd going wild: Thank you!

KURT: Howard Stern, emperor of all he surveys.