SR-71 Heads To "Baywatch," Talks Next Single

Following the conclusion of its current fall American tour, SR-71 will tape a performance of its next single, "Politically Correct," for an upcoming episode of "Baywatch Hawaii."

The Baltimore-based group, which is currently out on the road with Marvelous 3 (see "Marvelous 3's Walker On Writing, Touring With SR-71"), is scheduled to film its part for the show's season finale on November 2 in a local club in Hawaii.

SR-71 plans to release its "Politically Correct" single, the follow-up to the band's "TRL" hit "Right Now," to radio outlets five days after the shoot, which, conveniently enough, falls on Election Day.

In the track, SR-71 pays homage to the irreverent humor of Mel Brooks' 1974 classic comedy, "Blazing Saddles," a film band frontman Mitch Allan doesn't believe could be made today.

"'Blazing Saddles' pushed every boundary,"Allan told MTV News.

"C'mon, [what about] 'Spaceballs'?" joked bassist Jeff Reid.

"[Brooks] did everything," Allan added, "and you know who co-wrote that movie? Richard Pryor. The best part about that [collaboration] is that you [could] get away with that, everything that they did, because here's a guy, Richard Pryor, at the other end of the spectrum.

"[He's a] member of the African-American community, as opposed to [Brooks'] Jewish minority. Now you can poke fun at everything and everybody, and they just jabbed at everybody and they pushed and they pushed and they pushed. I don't think you could do that today. I think that's the bottom line. I think Keenan Ivory Wayans has tapped into that."

"He's tried," Reid interjected.

"But he's gotten so much crap because of it," Allan said. "I mean, how much sh** can you tolerate from people telling you 'That's offensive,' before you finally say, 'You know what? I'm sick and tired of hearing it.'"

"I think 'South Park' is coming pretty close," Reid noted.

"They're more of a Farrelly brothers sick humor than they are poking fun at stereotypes in each other," Allan answered.

"It's not like Archie Bunker [on 'All In The Family']," Reid said.

"Exactly," Allan agreed. "It's funny, we had these '70s themes where we could really exploit our races and our individualities, and we could talk about how stupid it was to be racist. Then 30 years later, when you'd think we'd be 30 years beyond it and past it,

we've regressed, and it's a worse time now. Things, I think, are more polarized.

"So what ['Politically Correct'] is about is just [saying], 'Relax,'" Allan said. "It's not about necessarily making everybody feel good. Just tell the truth and let's be honest with each other and let's just act like human beings, because that's all we are.

"And that song is so funny because it's so honest, and every time it turns around, it hits another point home. It makes you laugh because you realize how stupid we all are." [RealAudio]

Dates where you can catch SR-71 on the road with Marvelous 3, and then Wheatus and Harvey Danger, in the next few weeks:

  • 9/27 - Boston, MA @ Axis (w/ Marvelous 3 and Tsar)
  • 9/28 - New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom Axis (w/ Marvelous 3 and Tsar)
  • 9/29 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club (w/

    Marvelous 3 and Tsar)

  • 9/30 - Greenville, NC @ Briley's Farm
  • 10/1 - Atlanta, GA @ WNNX Big Day Out festival
  • 10/7 - Baltimore, MD @ Bohager's (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)
  • 10/10 - Providence, RI @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)
  • 10/11 - Plainview, NY @ Vanderbilt (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)
  • 10/12 - Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)
  • 10/13 - Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre Of Living Arts (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)
  • 10/14 - Lewisburg, PA @ Uptown (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)
  • 10/15 - Stevensville, MD @ Chesapeake Bay Beach Club (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)
  • 10/16 - Washington, DC @ University Tavern (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)
  • 10/19 - Buffalo, NY @ Showplace Theater (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)
  • 10/20 - Toledo, OH @ Main Event (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)
  • 10/23 - Ft. Wayne, IN @ Piere's (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)
  • 10/24 - Indianapolis, IN @ Vogue Theater (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)
  • 10/25 - St. Louis, MO

    @ Mississippi Nights (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)

  • 10/26 - Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)
  • 10/27 - East Dubuque, IL @ The Arena (w/ Harvey Danger, Wheatus)