Springsteen Admits To Lost Hip-Hop Album, Unveils Unreleased "Tracks"

Hip-hop has gotten so big and made such cross-over in-roads that even the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, admits to having been enamored with the urban genre for quite some time.

During a recent interview to help promote the release of his "Tracks" box set, Springsteen told "Time" magazine that around the time he recorded his Oscar-winning song, "Streets of Philadelphia," for Jonathan Demme's 1994 film, "Philadelphia," he had assembled nearly an album's worth of samples and loops, but came up a few songs short.

One of those tracks, "Missing," eventually turned up a year later in the soundtrack for "The Crossing Guard," a movie written and directed by Sean Penn, who was once engaged to Springsteen's sister.

There's no hip-hop, however, on Springsteen's new album, "Tracks," which comes out this week and collects some 66 previously unreleased songs that never made it onto various albums over the course of his 25-year recording career.