Spring Heeled Jack's Static Attack

November 17 [12:00 EDT] -- Spring Heeled Jack is a Connecticut-based ska band that formed five years ago and is currently enjoying success with their Moon Ska Records debut LP "Static World View."

Spring Heeled Jack first received label attention with a demo cassette, "Connecticut Ska," which has since gone to press five times due to the fan demand. The seven members, none of whom are named Jack, are vocalists and guitarists Mike Pellegrino and Ron Ragona, bassist Rick Omonte, drummer Dave Karcich, vocalist/trombonist Chris Rhodes, trumpeter Tyler Jones, and saxophonist Pete Wasilewski.

The band played a couple of dates at Lollapalooza in '95, and have had three nationwide tours; first as the opening act for The Toasters, one on their own and the other with the Cherry Poppin' Daddies. They have also appeared on several Ska compilations such as "Skanarchy (volumes 1 & 2)" and "Moon Ska's Skarmageddon.