Spiritualized Throw Away Their Musical Blueprints

July 31 [12:00 EDT] -- If you've been exposed to the trippy, other-worldly ooze produced by the English outfit Spiritualized, you've probably noted that the group isn't on the same page as most folks.

"I kind of think that a lot of music is like Grandma's recipes anyway, it's just the same blueprint used over and over," Spiritualized songwriter Jason Pierce told MTV News of the band's mix. "I didn't want to make music that was using the Spiritualized blueprint, so we put ourselves into a situation where we couldn't step back and do what we knew all the time." [900k QuickTime]

That approach lead to the band's latest effort, "Ladies And Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space," which has been earning rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic.

Working without a blueprint also lead Spiritualized to incorporate sounds ranging from soul horns and gospel choirs to classical strings and the tinklings of legendary New Orleans pianist Dr.


If you want to sample the blend, you can catch the band's new video, "Electricity," [1MB QuickTime] on MTV's "120 Minutes" this Sunday night at midnight, or you can catch the band when they join the H.O.R.D.E. tour on August 19 in Holmdel, New Jersey.