Spice Girls Karaoke With Kurt

MTV NEWS: The number one single in the country on Monday will be an English teen-pop hit called "Wanna-Be," by five explosively perky characters known as "The Spice Girls." As a group, they're frankly manufactured, but having such a major good time that it's hard to hold that against them. Gee, they seem harmless enough, we thought, that was our first mistake. The second was thinking how cute it would be to meet them, during a quick New York Press visit at a Chinatown karaoke bar to see if they could actually sing. The resulting chaos was like being put through a spin cycle with a washer full of parakeets. Don't let this happen to you.

EMMA: Hello I'm Emma.

VICTORIA: Hi! I'm Victoria.

GERI: Hello I'm Geri (smooch).

MELANIE C: Hi I'm Melanie C!

MELANIE B: Hello MTV People! I'm Melanie B. and we're looking for Kurt!


MELANIE B: Oh Yeah, We're The Spice Girls!

ALL: Follow Us! Kurt!

MELANIE B: We are here today because Kurt is the Karaoke King! and this is his regular hang-out bar and we thought, yeah, we'll join him!

LODER: It's been a long time since dance pop has been really big in the States, but this seems to be the time again. Why do you suppose that is?

GERI: I think everything goes in circles and I think pop music could be back.

MELANIE C: You can't please everybody! You know what I mean? So like what we do is we do what we enjoy and we please ourselves and the bonus is that like, the rest of the world has sort of fell for it, you know what I mean? and they're enjoying it too, so hopefully America'll get on board!

VICTORIA: And hopefully, if you don't like us, you can look at us performing and at least laugh! MELANIE B: Why are you laughing, Kurt? I reckon you should give me a kiss Kurt! (kiss)

ALL: Awwwww!

MELANIE B: He didn't do a tongue, damn!

LODER: Have you ever done Karaoke before?


MELANIE B: Nope. I don't dabble in that at all.

LODER: I haven't myself, but...

MELANIE B: Have you decided what song you're gonna sing?

EVERYONE: We Are The World...

LODER: No, no, that's all right, let's not do that one, we'll find something else.

MELANIE B: Kurt, I know you're trying to long wind this interview because you are getting stage fright, aren't ya?

LODER: Yeah.

MELANIE B: You are? Let's all give Kurt, a round of applause.

SPICE GIRLS: Kurt! Kurt! Kurt!

SPICE GIRLS: It's a been a Hard Day's Night (FOR KURT!) and I've been working like a dog, arf! arf! Come on Kurt!!! You know I work all day, to get you money to buy you things. But when I get home to you I find the things that you do to make you feel all right!

GERI: Ooooh.

SPICE GIRLS: Go On! Go On! Go On!

LODER: Girl power.


MTV NEWS: The Spice

Girls experience, entertaining out takes can be sampled via MTV Online. The group now has an album out to go with the chart-topping single, it's called "Spice," and next month they'll be wreaking their special brand of havoc at MTV's annual spring break blowout in Panama City, Florida, you've been warned.