"Slap A Spice Girl" Game Available On The Internet

A group that has been taking some cyber-lumps lately, however, is the English pre-fab pop phenomenon, The Spice Girls, who've been getting bashed, in a virtual sense on a new U.K. web-site called "Slap A Spice Girl," which is modeled on the Midway game "Whack A Mole." That "Slap A Spice Girl" web site is from a U.K. on-line mag called "Ultra 75," (at www.urban75.demon.co.uk/spice.html). A rather more affectionate take on The Spice Girls is a new U.K. video for "Who Do You Think You Are," which features the group itself with comedy cult queen Jennifer Saunders, of the English sit-com "Absolutely Fabulous."