The Spice Girls Speak Up About Getting Slapped Around

April 15 [10:00 EST] -- The Spice Girls were in New York City to play "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, and on Friday they took over a Manhattan bookstore to sign copies of the new authorized Spice Girls book, "Girl Power."

Along with all the pictures of Spice Girls in assorted vinyl, sequined and leopard print outfits, the book also has such invaluable information as their first impressions of each other.

The Spice Girls answered some questions from the press on Friday, including our question about the popular Slap-A-Spice-Girl website (at, which we showed you a couple of weeks back.

"We've heard about that," Spice Girl Geri Halliwell told MTV News. "It's quite funny."

"But what we're really excited about is playing 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend," [Spice Girls Respond,

1.1MB QuickTime] her Spice cohort Mel B. interjected, deftly changing the subject.

The group's "SNL" appearance aired last weekend, but you can still buy the book, or visit the Slap-A-Spice-Girl website, depending on your take on the Girls.