Spice Girls Invite Users To Rate Their Spicy-ness

May 13 [15:00 EST] -- Have you always wanted to know where you rate in the Spice Girls' social structure? Are you in touch with your inner Baby Spice?

Internet users can now find out where they fit in the Spice Girls social structure by taking a personality quiz on the group's portion of the Virgin Records website (at www.virginrecords.com), or on their area of America Online (keyword: Spice Girls).

Just by working your way through 27 multiple choice questions like "My favorite shade of lipstick is...," and "To me, Girl Power means..." users can have their responses compared to those of the Spice Girls themselves, and then find out which Girl they are most like.

The group's increased cyber presence comes as the Girls prepare to chat it up on AOL Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time. Each Spice Girl has been designated her own AOL chat auditorium for the event, which marks the first time

that the online service has used five separate venues for one chat.

The bump in Spice visibility also comes with the news that the group has just passed the 12,000,000 mark in global sales for its album "Spice."