Spice's Mel B Discusses Racism In BBC Show

November 5 [12:00 EDT] -- In a new BBC documentary, Spice Girl Mel B reportedly sheds her Scary Spice persona to discuss the racial prejudice she's faced throughout her life.

According to BBC Radio's website (at cgi.bbc.co.uk), Mel B (real name Melanie Janine Brown) sat down for an interview with the BBC2 for its "Black Britain" show and explained the difficulties she faced as the child of a mixed marriage.

"A lot of black girls used to hate me, but then I'd get a lot of white girls not liking me. I'd get it from both ends," Brown reportedly told the BBC about her college years. "It used to really do my head in and I couldn't understand what was going on."

Brown goes on to relate a story of how her white mother and black father combatted racists on the bus in her hometown of Leeds when she was still an infant. "I was only about seven months. She used to have to pass me to my dad knowing that surely if my

dad's got a baby they're not gonna beat him up," Brown reportedly says on the broadcast.

Mel B's revealing interview on "Black Britain" airs Wednesday evening on BBC2 in the U.K.

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