Spice Girls Snag New Publicist

November 17 [12:00 EDT] -- The Spice Girls gave an impromptu concert from their hotel balcony in Rome this weekend, perhaps in an attempt to show that, despite published reports, all is indeed well in Spiceworld.

England's Press Association reports that the band's new publicist is winging his way to Rome to meet with the girls and will soon address reports of infighting, including the latest story that Baby Spice Emma Bunton went AWOL from the hotel in the wee-small-hours, supposedly to meet with the band's now-former manager, Simon Fuller. The Brit tabs had been reporting that Bunton had been having an affair with Fuller which in part lead to the manager's demise, and that the band is close to splitting up after yet another row.

England's "Q" Magazine reports that Richard Stannard and Matt Rowe, who are listed as "co-writers" of the band's material along with the Spice Girls, are signed to Fuller's company and their services will no longer be available to the girls.

Indeed, most of the Spice staff were employed by Fuller and have elected to stay with the manager.

But despite the Girl's recent spate of bad press, hundreds of fans gathered on the street Sunday shouting and begging for a glimpse of the fivesome, and their efforts were eventually well rewarded. After about an hour, all five appeared, threw flowers to the crowd and sang two songs, "Spice Up Your Life" and "Too Much."