Spice Girls Snap Up Camera Deal, Posh Spice Pied By Anti-Fur Protesters

In part of the Spice Girls continuing assault on corporate America, the pop girl group and Polaroid have signed a deal that will bring the SpiceCam, a Spice Girls version of the photo company's OneStep camera, to America.

The camera, which has been marketed in Europe, Asia and Australia, shoots for the group's target audience of teens and pre-teens with its neon "Girl Power" colors and enclosed Spice Girls stickers, although the relatively hefty price tag of $39.99 means that young fans wanting to snap a pic with their own SpiceCam will have to save up their fair share of allowance money.

In less friendlier commercial Spice Girls news, an anti-fur protester hurled a pie at Victoria Adams, aka Posh Spice, last week as she was leaving a taping of the BBC program "TFI Friday," according to the "London Daily Mirror."

Adams was not struck by the pie and was quickly escorted from the scene.

As we previously announced (see "Spice

Girls Announce U.S. Tour"), the Spice Girls will launch their U.S. tour on June 15 in West Palm Beach, Florida.