1998 Scrapbook: Spice Girls In Europe

1997 was undoubtedly the year for the Spice Girls, as the then-quintet channeled pure pop melodies and girl power posturing into a pair of multi-platinum records, "Spice" and "Spiceworld."

But not everything was quite as sweet for the girls in 1998, despite such highlights as a sold-out world tour and several opportunities to grab at Prince Charles' bum, and one of the most memorable events of the year came on May 31, when Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell unceremoniously bailed from the group.

Earlier this fall, Halliwell revealed to a British newspaper that it was the internal strife that led to her exile, but the uneasiness within the Spice camp could be sensed much earlier in the year, when MTV News caught up with the Spice Girls while on-tour in Italy... [RealVideo]