Tracie Spencer Sounds Off On Music Versus Modeling

Now that Tracie Spencer's "Tracie" album is in stores, she has been on the promotional path plugging the record -- her first in nearly a decade. However, the singer recently took a break from her day job to strut her stuff on the catwalk.

Last week, Spencer moonlighted as a model at two shows during New York's Fashion Week, one for "Cosmopolitan" and the other for "Cosmo Girl."

Spencer told the MTV Radio Network that she enjoys modeling and hopes to expand that portion of her resume. "Modeling, so far for me, I think I just find it to be really fun, because you really don't have to talk to anybody," she began. "You're just yourself and you get to walk up and down a runway or get in front of a camera and act silly and that kind of thing, and actually I find that more relaxing." [RealAudio]

Spencer does say that one drawback in the fashion industry is that "there's a

lot of waiting around" involved; on the plus side, she does enjoy the free clothes.

On the musical front, Spencer plans to hit the road with 98 Degrees in the near future.