Spice Girls Take A Hit From Phil Spector, Keep On Rolling

November 6 [10:00 EDT] -- Don't expect pioneering rock producer Phil Spector to work with the Spice Girls anytime soon.

According to BBC Radio 1's website, Spector slagged the Girls when he picked up an award from the British magazine "Q" Tuesday night in London.

Spector reportedly said that the Spice Girls' videos were like pornographic films, except that pornos have better music.

"They're such an easy target," Spector told the site after the ceremony. "It was all done in jest. I think it's flattering them too much to call them the anti-Christ."

Of course, Spector's not the first person to publicly mock the Spice Girls, and he undoubtedly won't be the last. However, the group has found at least a small bit of critical acclaim with their latest effort, "Spiceworld," which hit stores this week; the album received a B+ grade from "Entertainment Weekly."

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