Rapper Special Ed To Sue Cops For Harassment

Brooklyn-based rapper Special Ed is planning to sue the New York City Police Department after he was allegedly beaten for refusing to let officers chase suspected drug dealers through his yard.

Born Edward Archer, the rapper claims that undercover police appeared last Tuesday at his family home in Brooklyn's Flatbush section, asking to enter his back yard to pursue drug dealers, according to "The New York Post."

Special Ed, who has released several solo albums and produced such artists as the late Tupac Shakur, reportedly was harassed after refusing to allow the police to enter the property, which in turn lead to Archer's father filing a complaint with the borough's 67th Precinct.

Ed said that the officers later returned and forced their way into his home and beat him and his older brother, Andrew, and claimed to have medical reports to support his allegations.

No word yet on the specifics of Special Ed's suit, or whether any legal papers have actually been filed, but

we'll keep you posted.