Britney Spears Back On Top Of Album Chart

Hell hath no fury like a teen pop sensation.

Britney Spears continues her assault on the charts as her album saw its sales figures jump yet again last week vaulting her back into the number one spot on the album chart according to numbers released by SoundScan on Wednesday.

Spears' sales figures bounced up from 149,000 to 181,000 making for the fourth week in a row that the young star's numbers have gone up.

Spears steals back the top spot from Foxy Brown, who drops to number four after one week at the top of the heap with her "Chyna Doll." Lauryn Hill also saw her sales get a shot in the arm from 98,000 to 112,000, boosting her "Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill" up to number two. Also ducking in ahead of Foxy are the Offspring, whose "Americana" held steady at 109,000 copies to score the number three slot. The week was short on notable debuts, save for Prince's reworking of "1999," which pops up at number 150 on next week's chart.