Britney Spears Back In Action, Plans Summer Tour

Teen dream Britney Spears, who has been taking a break from performing due to a nasty knee injury she sustained recently, is back in action.

That action includes gracing the April 15 cover of "Rolling Stone" magazine, shooting a new video, and going off to Europe for a promo tour. Spears also found time to stop by MTV on Tuesday, where she told us that though she is interested in different kinds of music, but career-wise, she's sticking to her tried and true formula of making danceable pop hits.

"I want to stick to it, you know," Spears told MTV News. "Pop music is me, because I can dance to it and it was... right when I first got signed, we knew I was going to sing pop music, but I always had that... before Natalie Imbruglia came out, that's the kind of music I wanted to sing. But then, once I started singing pop music, I found that that was more me and that was the direction I knew I needed to go

in." [RealVideo]

Spears also told MTV News that she plans to kick off a tour in July. We'll keep you posted.