Britney Spears To "Ghost" Dance For Disney Show

Britney Spears will be returning to her old Disney Channel stomping grounds with a guest role on the cable network's original series, "The Famous Jett Jackson."

Spears is scheduled to be taping the episode, entitled "Ghost Dance," today in Toronto. The teen singer will play herself on the show, which involves Spears traveling to her friend Jett Jackson's home in North Carolina to participate in a Halloween dance that Jett is coordinating for his school.

When the dance fails to go off as Jett hoped, Britney saves the day when she arrives at the dance to perform a song from her multi-platinum effort, "Baby One More Time." The "Ghost Dance" episode of "The Famous Jett Jackson" is slated to premiere on the Disney Channel in October, just in time for Halloween.

This role is just the latest in a string of TV projects for Spears, who is also slated to appear in several episodes of the WB drama, "Dawson's Creek." As we previously reported (see "Britney

Spears Signs Production Deal For Possible TV Series"), Spears is also eyeing a possible TV series of her own.