Former Spandau Ballet Singer Signs On For Soap

Spandau Ballet's Martin Kemp has been signed to star in a popular British soap opera, "The Eastenders," according to England's PA News. The service reports that the singer will be playing the role of a nightclub owner.

Kemp started Spandau Ballet in 1979 with his brother Gary. The band made it to the forefront of the techno pop 'new wave' scene in the early 1980s with a number of hits including "True," a top 10 U.S. single, and "Gold." After disbanding in the late '80s, the Kemp brothers both went on to launch acting careers with starring roles in "The Krays," a feature film about Britain's notorious criminal siblings. Martin also recently played a murderer on a popular TV crime show called "The Bill" and is scheduled to be playing at least a semi-bad guy in the "Eastenders."

Married to former girl group singer Shirlie from the duo Pepsi and Shirlie, Martin was in the news for a different reason three years ago when he was hospitalized for two months with a brain tumor.

He fully recovered following an operation.