Truth Revealed In Space, Supergrass Cancellations

December 2 [15:00 EDT] -- The true reasons for two different British musicians canceling tours with their respective bands have now come to light. Last month we reported that dates in the U.K. had to be postponed when Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey got his hand caught in a door. Now Britain's New Musical Express reports that Goffey fessed up to the real story.

As it turns out, his injuries were caused by a road-rage incident. He was stuck in London traffic en route to catch a flight to Scotland for Supergrass' opening date when he was bumped from behind by another car. The angry Goffey ended up punching out the offending vehicle and fractured his right hand in the process.

On the Space frontier, when that Brit band toured America without guitarist James Murphy earlier this year, their spokespeople said he had an extended bout with the flu. But a band interview in NME reveals that Mr. Murphy was actually AWOL at the time--he was a no-show at the airport when the band

was ready to leave on the tour in February and he remained totally out of touch until July. A replacement had to be quickly rounded up and taught the all the songs en route to the States.

Murphy, who was said to have been suffering from "nervous exhaustion," rejoined Space in September. The band is now releasing a Murphy song, "Avenging Angels," as a new single. They're recording a new album for a release next March.