Soulfly's Max Cavalera Files Million Dollar Civil Rights Claim

Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera is seeking $1,000,000 in damages from the city of Atlanta as part of a civil rights claim filed as the result of an altercation between a city police officer and the singer during and after a concert in early July.

According to a copy of the complaint filed by Cavalera's legal team, the frontman says he was forced off the stage at a local venue, the Tabernacle, on July 7 after intervening between concertgoers and security guards, whom he says were "running roughshod over fans."

Cavalera admits to "pulling one of the guards off a fan," and that display apparently brought the ire of one particular police officer, who physically removed the singer from the stage and then corralled him into a back room.

Cavalera's claim alleges that he was "verbally berated" by the officer, who ordered him to return to the stage to make a public apology to the security team or be arrested. The Soulfly singer complied with the officer's demands, and went back

onstage and apologized, noting that "Soulfly was not about violence."

The situation apparently worsened after the show, when the same officer who forced Cavalera off the stage stopped the singer's car at gunpoint as it was attempting to leave the Tabernacle parking lot.

The officer then handcuffed Cavalera, paraded him front of fans and the singer's five children, and forced him to return to the venue in order to make a "proper apology" to the security guards there.

Because Cavalera is targeting a city government for possible legal action in a federal district court, he must first file a claim with the city outlining his complaint and what he wants as restitution. If the city government denies the claim or doesn't respond within a set time frame, his lawyers can then proceed with a formal lawsuit.

A spokesperson for the City of Atlanta Law Department said that the agency had "no comment" about Cavalera's claim.