Snoop's Unlikely Tour

Jan. 31 [8:00 EST] -- With very little fanfare, the world's largest living rap star launched a tour last week as Snoop Doggy Dogg finally hit the road.

Snoop's tour is taking him to some very strange places for an act of his eminence, including such Petersburg, Virginia where rap's foremost chart-topper played to about 200 people in a club that used to be a barn.

Ironically, on the day Snoop played Petersburg, the state Senate of Virginia voted to finally retire the state song, "Carry Me Back To Old Virginia," a 122-year-old composition (written by a black minstrel named James A. Bland) whose retrograde references to "darkies" and "old massa" have been offending a lot of people ever since the state adopted the song 57 years ago.

The Virginia House of Representatives is now expected to follow the Senate's lead and retire the tune for good.

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg will be winding up his mini-tour in Florida this weekend with shows in Jacksonville on Friday,

Orlando on Saturday, and Fort Lauderdale on Sunday.