Snoop Grabs Solé, "Pretender" For New Flicks

With a new album set for release this summer, Snoop Dogg is currently focusing on film projects, and he's getting some additional help as more names are being attached to his big screen projects.

Kansas City-based rapper Solé (she of the hit single "4,5,6") says she is preparing to appear in "Snoopafly," Snoop's remake of the 1972 blaxploitation film, "Superfly." The film, which Snoop has been planning since last fall (see "Snoop Dogg On The Acting And Hip-Hop Connection"), is now slated to begin shooting in May. Solé will then move on to a film titled "Mahogany" and a series of four commercials for urban designer Karl Kani.

Meanwhile, the entertainment trade publication "Variety" reports that Michael T. Weiss, the star of the NBC's action series "The Pretender," has joined the cast of Snoop's upcoming horror film "Bones." As we previously reported, the film will also feature actress Pam Grier ("Jackie Brown") as

a clairvoyant who was also Snoop's girlfriend before his death.

As for his musical career, Snoop's next album, "Last Meal," is currently slated for a July 4 release, according to Priority Records.