Will Smith Talks About "Men In Black"

Hi, I'm Kurt Loder, and this is "The Week In Rock."

In a week of heightened extraterrestrial consciousness, an unusually witty sci-fi comedy called "Men In Black" opened in theaters on Wednesday, filled with many unusual special effects. The blockbuster movie boasts a cast led by Tommy Lee Jones and fresh from last year's alien-invasion box-office gold mine, "Independence Day," the now very large action star Will Smith.

But "Men In Black" isn't just a sci-fi retread, an "ID-2," so to speak, as Smith recently told Chris Connelly.

WILL SMITH: Independence Day was a little more, a little more dramatic, actually. It was really dark and scary. It was fun, too. But this movie is just about fun. It's really bright and colorful and fast-moving and energetic and the aliens are really colorful. The best special effects ever committed to film.

Smith, by the way, who'll soon be resuming his recording career, raps the "Men In Black" title tune on the film's soundtrack.