Will Smith Discusses Films Vs. Music

After picking up a pair of statuettes at last week's Video Music Awards, rapper Will Smith promptly headed back to the set of his new movie, a remake of the '60s TV show "The Wild, Wild West."

Smith plans to wrap work on the film in the net two months, after which he will start recording the follow-up to his triple-platinum album, "Big Willie Style."

Backstage at last week's VMAs, Smith talked about how he approaches the two media, and said that he looked forward to get back into the studio, a place Smith says provides him with a better creative outlet than movies.

"Making records is more about you," Smith told the MTV Radio Network, "when you're making a movie, you're more of a tool for someone else's vision. Someone else has thought up the story, someone else has written the script, and someone else has signed up to direct it. You're helping them to see their vision. Whereas when you make records, it's completely about what you think, what you feel, what you want to communicate."

Smith, who is reunited with "Men in Black" director Barry Sonnenfeld on "The Wild, Wild West," has just completed shooting the video for his next single, "Miami."