Will Smith Aims To Make His Shots Count With "Willennium"

With his Clash-sampling "Will 2K" single out on the airwaves and his "Willennium" album due out in a mere matter of weeks, it's hard to believe that the indomitable Will Smith would be knocking his knees over the impending release date.

However, that's exactly what the rapper-actor admitted to MTV News' John Norris when he stopped in for a chat on "Total Request Live." Would that have anything to do with how, as a solo artist, Smith doesn't produce albums as frequently as he did back in the day with Jazzy Jeff?

[article id="1450513"] "Yeah. It makes it a little scarier, actually, yeah,"[/article] Will replied. [article id="1450513"] "It's one of those 'you can't afford to miss' [situations]. You only shoot the ball once or twice. You better go ahead and make those shots."[/article]

Of course, Smith doesn't think he's dropped the ball with "Willennium." Quite the opposite, actually.

[article id="1450513"] "I mean,

this album is incredible,"[/article] Smith continued. [article id="1450513"] "I mean, the last album, 'Big Willie Style,' I felt good about it. It's like I worked some of the kinks out. And I just felt like my mind just wouldn't stop on this album."[/article]

[article id="1450513"] "I got great concepts, great people working with me,"[/article] he added. [article id="1450513"] "The tracks are blazin'. It's just, I mean, you have to say it. It's the best album I've ever done. But really, I mean, it's shocking to me. When I'm listening to it, it's like, 'Can I really be this good?'" [RealVideo][/article]

You'll have your chance to find out how good that is when "Willennium" hits stores on November 16.