U2's Bono And Patti Smith: Not A Lovers Tiff

November 17 [14:00 EDT] -- Bono's introduction of singer Patti Smith at a pre-recorded tribute at a music magazine awards ceremony in London last week apparently raised the punk-icon's blood pressure a bit.

Smith was present to accept a lifetime achievement award. According to a report in Britain's "NME," Bono referred to Ms. Smith as a "sister, lover, and mother."

Smith took umbrage at the description, saying as she accepted the award, "I'm not your mother, Bono. Do your own dirty work. F**k you."

Bono told 'NME," that he expected "nothing less" from Smith, and that "she never let's you down."

U2's spokesperson added, "It's not a lovers tiff. He's still a fan."

Smith later explained to "NME," "I just thought it was presumptuous. I like to be considered a person; I'm not up for grabs."