Pumpkins' "Collectors" Set Has Mass Appeal

Dec. 16, 1996 -- The Smashing Pumpkins' "Aeroplane Flies High" 5-CD box set has taken off quicker than anyone imagined. Virgin Records has announced that it will produce additional copies of the set in response to overwhelming demand.

The elaborately packaged collection was designed to appeal to die-hard Smashing Pumpkins completists, and not to fans at large. Consequently, Virgin reportedly only churned out 200,000 copies of the set, and had no plans to press anymore.

However, demand for the box set has far exceeded the initial production run, and many stores have now sold out of the set. Virgin will reportedly resume production of the CDs, and stores are now selling vouchers to customers which can be exchanged for the set when Virgin ships them.

Boasting 33 rare or unreleased songs and a stylish carrying case, the set also features a 44-page booklet, and a $39.95 price tag.