Billy Corgan Says Fans May Be Surprised By Next Pumpkin's LP

Head Pumpkin Billy Corgan had a lot to say to MTV News recently about his band's highly anticipated next record. Foremost in his mind, Corgan says that he feels listeners will not be able to readily categorize Smashing Pumpkins' upcoming body of work.

Says Corgan, "When people ask what this album was like, I use the word "arcane," 'cause I think that it seems to sum up the music best. It¹s kind of like music from the past, but done in a futuristic way. And I think there's natural elements on the album and there are synthetic elements on the album."

He continues, "It's like taking all the textures of all past music and trying to apply it to a kind of new song form and it's all just very songy. There's not a lot of guitar, I think there is one guitar solo, that lasts four seconds."

So what can we expect? "I think people are going to be surprised by the kind of reversal in a lot of ways, but the people that say it's acoustic will be wrong. The people that say it's electronic will be wrong. The people that say it's a Pumpkins' record will be wrong. I will try to make something that is indescribable [480k QuickTime]."

Smashing Pumpkins' new album is due out in late May.